Felekşan Onar was born in Turkey, spent her early years in Söke, Aydın and later attended Izmir American College in Izmir, where she was first introduced to the art of glass. She completed her undergraduate degree in economics and music at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY., and started off her career as a banker and continued working in the textile apparel industry for 15 years. After she completed OPM at Harvard University in 2003, Onar moved away from the business arena and started working with glass, something that has fascinated her since her childhood.

Primarily, she started off in a private atelier and later on received her formal education in glass at Glass Furnace, Istanbul. Since then, she systematically educated herself formally in all sorts of glass making techniques: fusing and slumping, kiln casting, flame working, hot-forming and blowing, cold-working. She continues to practice and incorporate several techniques in her works to present the amazing qualities of the material she has fallen in love with.. She established her own brand, Fy-Shan Glass Studio, in 2006, designing and producing limited-edition functional art, decorative objects and lighting. Onar continues to work in Istanbul, Berlin and Murano and shows her work internationally,

Glass, not only expresses my past and present, but also my anxieties and expectations for future. Through glass, I speak, breathe and live.’

  • 2018 41X, The Venice Glass Week, Venice

  • 2018 Perched, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

  • 2018 Perched, NJ Visual Arts Center, New York

  • 2018 Perched/Zwischenlandung, Pergamon Museum, Berlin

  • 2017 Dazzled, Contemporary Istanbul 12th edition, PG Art Gallery

  • 2016 IVY, Contemporary Istanbul 11th edition, Gallery

  • 2014 Solid, Made in Istanbul’, Edvicsk Hall, Stockholm & The Glass Factory, Boda

  • 2014 Intikal, Chalabi Art Gallery

  • 2013 Dance with Colours, Chalabi Art Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2011 Dervish, Vorsicht Glas, Pergamon Museum, Berlin

  • 2011 Sea Urchins, Nadania Idriss Gallery, Berlin

  • 2011 Tadasana, Summer Exhibition, 1st edition, Antrepo, Istanbul

  • 2010 Touch, Cam Yoldasim, IKSEV, Izmir

  • 2009 Glass from Turkey’, Riihimaki Glass Museum, Finland

  • 2008 Through a Hole, Nadania Idriss Glass Gallery, Berlin

  • 2007 Triad, Design Week, Istanbul, 1st edition

  • 2006 Casted Works, Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul

  • 2004 Light and Reflections, Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul