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Since it's first showing at Berlin, 'Perched' has grown in numbers, mainly for two specific reasons: Firstly, since the beginning of this story, I was aiming to make 41 of them, as the number 41 is important for me traditionally. Secondly, as I intended to show them in the Western World to raise awareness to this social and political calamity, showing them at different locations at the same time meant  more in numbers.

As a result, a flock of 99 swallows have gathered in Berlin where I have been making them at Berlin Glas since April 2017 and soon will be on their way to two new destinations: 41 of them will be shown starting with the 'Refugee Week' organised at V&A, London as of 17-24 June through Autumn 2018 while yet another group will be part of a curated show, 'Oh What a World, What a World' at Visual Art Center of New Jersey opening 1st of June.

I myself will be accompanying my swallows to these new destinations, reinforcing their story..

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