My Story

Glass is my second act.. Having studied economics and music at Cornell University in U.S., I started off in the professional world as a banker in Citibank. Few years later, followed my entrepreneurial instincts to start businesses in textile apparel manufacturing, a booming sector at the time in Turkey. 15 years into my career, I realised I was lacking and rather unsatisfied with what I have achieved so far and thought working for social causes and further education would be the solution. With this in mind, I completed a program at Harvard Business School in 2003 and only then realised, expressing my creativity was a deep urge for me.  Consequently, glass, a material I have been fascinated with since childhood,  became my flaming pen. Over the years, I educated myself in several techniques, namely fusing, casting, blowing, flame-working and cold-work as I like to combine the effects of these techniques in my pieces.  I use the furnaces and the team at the Glass Furnace in Istanbul,  a world class glass school, to blow. Furthermore, I have a casting atelier in my garage and have a studio in Pera, Istanbul where I design and show my work.

Since I pressed the button of my first kiln on 16th of December 2003, I showed my work not only in Istanbul for several times but also in Berlin in 2008 and 2011, in Finland in 2009 and in Sweden 2015. As my technical capabilities improved, I moved from fusing to casting to blowing and finally combining several glass-making techniques to express myself at best.